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The Project

The Project "Ukrainians"

The main goal of the project is the support and development of national culture.

Our project will express the national idea which will emphasize the desire of every Ukrainian to live in the developed and strong country that protects national heritage and social prosperity of it's people.

We invite cultural workers, scientists and artists for joint development of the project.

How the project will be implemented?

We are creating a social blog with the same name, as the platform for the dissemination of Ukrainian culture in the community. It is important to answer two basic questions: "What is the Ukrainian culture today? And how it should be formed?". We need to show that our people are gifted with great talents. We have many extraordinary people who are able influence not only the development of the national culture and art, but also have a huge impact on the world's contemporary culture. We need to determine what is Ukraine for the World and what is the World for Ukraine.


The Heart of the World

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right of the choice. We all are endowed with mind and conscience. Each of us should act mercifully towards each other and with pure intentions in the heart!

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