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"Heritage of the nation" project

The main goal of the project is establishment of the platform for the development of social guarantees for each Ukrainian and protection of our national wealth.

It's a matter of life of each of us!

Our country is rich and beautiful, it's our home which we must preserve for our children.

We are attracting everyone who is willing to contribute of the state development in the creation of this platform. Together we make the decisions that will guarantee a decent life to every Ukrainian family, ordinary and lonely people who need care and home heat. We should think about how to make our world a better place and avoid bloodshed, fight poverty, diseases and make our children happy.

Implementation of social programs of community's development and it's prosperity are the main goals of the project.

International cooperation with organizations representing interests of their Nations and providing support in solving problems of health, poverty, ecology and rational use of natural resources are main activities in realization of this project.



The Heart of the World

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right of the choice. We all are endowed with mind and conscience. Each of us should act mercifully towards each other and with pure intentions in the heart!

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