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Social platform “Nations”

Social platform “Nations”

 Nations - We create the new form of social media space.

Providing a free excess and utilizing unique solutions we create a product for 2,4 billion people that is almost every second internet user.

"Nations" - a multifunctional application that operates on its personal stream multimedia platform. In it we introduce advanced innovations enable to meet people needs in basic fields of human activities.

193 start up modules for 193 countries – members of the United Nations Organization.

"Ukrainians" - development of the Ukrainian projects module.


Principle sections of the projects:

- Culture and art

The main objectives of the project:

  • the development of elite culture (this is important because the elite culture must focus spiritual, artistic and intellectual experience of our generation). Here will be presented the works and achievements of people who are contributing and will contribute to the wide dissemination of spiritual values.
  • the development of mass culture (this is important because it determines the events happening in the lives of most of the population). Here will be allocated projects that contribute the development of the main spheres of human life, information space, recreation, entertainment and sports.
  • integration of Ukrainian culture into the world's cultural heritage.


- Education

The main objectives of the project:

  • ensuring the attractiveness and accessibility of the national education system
  • open access to the world's education systems.


- National healthcare and ecology

The main objectives of the project:

  • increasing the index of the population health-care
  • purification of environment and rational use of natural resources


- Science and technology

The main objectives of the project:

  • the peaceful development of technology today
  • discover new areas of research to improve human life and protect the planet


Information sections

- Our nation
- Our country
- Ukrainians that changed the world
- People that changed Ukraine
- United Nations programs development


Main section

Voice of Nation

  • Media blog (principal site for vivid discussions of certain tasks and selection of solutions)
  • Video clips and broadcasts (3-5 minutes films about the culture, art, science, economy)
  • Documentary films ( about contemporary Ukrainian culture and its place in the aspect of the mankind development)
  • The system open transparent vote for the projects and there decisions (it will allow us to hear the real voice of the nation)

The resource will illustrate the main questions and answers - the ideas of prominent figures of Ukrainian origin and well known representatives of other nations. The principal theme - achievements and new ideas of Ukrainians.

These activities will accurately show the national meaning that the culture and guaranties for peaceful life are principle for the heritage of the future generations.

That’s how we are keeping our main principle – “Building up and creating for ourselves, we are ready to share with the whole world”

Financial sources

  • Individual sponsor agreements
  • Joint participation of the partners programs in the development of the platform
  • Venture funds
  • Grants
  • State support

(Until the presentation of the start up version (alpha version) we don’t open the information that includes the structure of the product, algorithm and the other objects of intellectual property)

The platform will solve two principal tasks:

  • Supervision of the social health of comunity
  • search of efficient solutions to the problems of modern society

We are confident that we can open our hearts to the world and unite the efforts of people in the development of the peaceful life and world's heritage protection



The Heart of the World

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right of the choice. We all are endowed with mind and conscience. Each of us should act mercifully towards each other and with pure intentions in the heart!

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