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Our mission

National heritage protection

"Culture is the basis of the social links of the universe. It determines the attitude towards environment and estimates vital values"

Development of peaceful life

Peace and progress are essential grounds for social and economic health of the nation. Mutual aspiration towards peace for all nations is the guarantee for protection of cultural heritage for the sake of the future generations.


Our philosophy


"Save the world, save the planet, save humanity"


Charity direction




Our future is the future of our children


2.5 billion children of the world survive all the difficulties and illness of the conteporary world. The children were soon to learn the meaning of fear and suffering.
They've been exposed to all the achievements of our society, which has opened new frontiers wonderful and terrible at the same time.


7.9 million Ukrainian children learned what 'fear of war' means. This is a generation that will always be afraid to live! These are people who in varying degrees received nerve damage. Our community has to understand it and take responsobility for it.


Official statistics shows that 130 thousand children were been forced to move from the Eastern Ukraine in the result of military conflict. UNICEF study in Ukraine confirms that there are more than 500 thousand children live without a roof over the head. Generally, more than 1.5 million children suffering in that or other way in Eastern Ukraine. On the other  hand, facts show every year fall of birth rates and decrement of children population in Ukraine. According to the CIA in 2014, the mortality rate in Ukraine amounted 15.7 deaths per 1000 people - this is the second place in the world in mortality. UNICEF provides data for 2012 when infant mortality was 7 deaths at the age of five per 1,000 births.


No one exactly know how many children are living on the streets, how many of them lost their parents, how many ran away in the result of violence or abuse. There is no existing statistics on the kids suffering severe illnesses, alcohol or drug addicted or the ones who broke the law under different social circumstances.


Ukraine does not know how many children become victims of violence, human trafficking for the purpose of children labor and spread of pornography. But we all understand that these children exist and in quite a number. We don't know anything about kids growing in self-sufficient and prosperous families, but devoided of attention from the parents what also causes risky social behavior. This category can be supplemented by families which children fully use the Internet and mobile phones.


There are no efficient support programmes and rehabilitation of children in Ukraine, no effective information resources aimed to increase population's competence in the proper treatment and protection of children.


Lack of such precise information and resources excludes the healing chances of the whole generation. How can we cure it if we didn’t figure out the source of that disease?


Protection of national heritage is our mission, defining culture as the basis of all social relations. We won't change anything unless we begin improving our culture. We need more progressive approaches and solutions.


We want to bring in providential moments in their lives, attract community’s attention to these young and beautiful blossoming flowers of life, open our hearts to the kids and make everything to protect them.


We invite You to joint our  projects.


There are two general formats:
1) Charity exhibition attended by our young talents. Collected money is used to target assistance to kids who lost  parents in the military conflict.
2) Our actions provide targeted assistance to kids from low-income families, immigrants and orphans.


There is an addition to these projects:

  • Assistance to people injured in military actions who need artificial prosthetics of limbs. The program provides an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Kids will support program participants by special promotions where they will  present their gifts.
  • Regular charity concerts


We invite you to join our “Nations” project that stipulates further advance of programs focused on efficient solutions of challenges and improvement of lifes of existing generation as well as protecting next.

We set up the special-purpose fund for the development of the “Nations” program as the unique vital information platform where we are motivated to support young talented people seeking new ideas and discoveries that will change our world.


"We have to accurately determine current material and spiritual needs, shape trends of cultural development of the nation as well as set up the priorities of new ideas and adopt them in the state law."




The Heart of the World

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right of the choice. We all are endowed with mind and conscience. Each of us should act mercifully towards each other and with pure intentions in the heart!

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