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"Heart of The World" Charity Foundation

"Heart of the World" - is the social project initiated to link all Ukrainians in order to implement our main mission of life - national heritage protection.

I was always not indifferent to the plight of disadvantaged people and the fate of my country. I share the views of people of a decent life, a strong and rich nation. I’m trying to make people’s lives brighter and better. I dream of the world without war and folly authorities.

We can generate the world by doing decent things as an example for our children.

I set up this Foundation to encourage people to help those who need it; to protect those who were left without hope…

We want to assemble a content community in practice. We arrange our activities to provide spiritual and material assistance to the victims of military conflicts and disasters, deprived of normal life and families of the fallen Heroes. Our activities are aimed on implementing the rights of the nation, the welfare and social protection, as well as the protection and dissemination of the national culture, art and science.


Yanina Shevchenko

“Fantastic Ukraine in the kid’s dreams”

This world belongs to the children. It is up to them to decide what kind of future will be. They will solve it with their pure hearts and bright dreams.

We started the annual Competition festival of children’s drawings “Fantastic Ukraine in the kid’s dreams” in order to enable children shape their image of the future.

To draw a fantastic country in which they would like to live in.


Our projects

Aid to the children of migrant families

Raising funds to assist children from Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

The Heart of the World

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right of the choice. We all are endowed with mind and conscience. Each of us should act mercifully towards each other and with pure intentions in the heart!

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